Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"With all the charms of a woman, you've kept the secret of your youth."

My accomplishments for the weekend: 1) re-arranging my room by putting our collapsible cube tower in the closet to clear up some space. Granted, the kitty no longer has his favorite perch. But I no longer trip over the laundry basket and have to muffle expletives every morning, and my underwear/sock baskets are off the floor so the cat can no longer steal my socks! Plus, I wake up every morning feeling like my room is so much bigger than I previously thought.
2) Scrubbing down the kitchen in a way we haven't before. I actually pulled off all the parts of the stove that can be removed and scrubbed them down. It's so clean! I also cleared some appliances off the counter and found places for them in the cabinets, swept, and even cleaned off the dog dishes and her placemat. It looks so pretty now.
3) I finished knitting that scarf I've been working on since before Christmas. So now I have two scarves for charity. I'm going to wait until I have a big bag of stuff to donate, then I'll take it somewhere. I have a list from one of my old professors of places in town that need clothing donations.
5) I only read one book, but still. On top of everything else, I read a book. And that's always a good feeling.
6) Had my first "Sweeney Todd" rehearsal Friday night. Earned ten bucks for it (it's 10 for each regular rehearsal, 15 for the dress rehearsal and each performance), and did better than I thought I would. Especially considering that I hadn't watched the movie until I got home from work that evening and the other 1st violinist wasn't there so I didn't have anyone whose lead I could follow. I hadn't really looked at the music! But pretty much everyone else was as lost as I was, so it was fine. That score is confusing. It switched meter all the time. But that makes it funny, too. One part is 6/4 time and in parentheses next to the six it says (4+2). So people were joking, "Gee, I just don't know what six is!" Someone else answered, "Oh, that's 4+2!" "Really? Thanks!"
7) Bought "The Bread Bible" since I LOVE to bake bread, and learned to make pizza dough. Actually, I tried two recipes this weekend. The one I prefer is out of "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. But with my new bread book, I plan to try my hand at lots and lots of different types of bread. Foccaccia, bagels, monkey bread, cinnamon raisin bread, challah, etc. Exciting! All the possibilities are very cool.
8) Went for the longest walk in several weeks with Lucy and Pepper. It was only -11 when we went out, but by the time we got home our faces were totally numb. It was nice to actually get outside and walk, though.
Saturday night was really fun because we had a girls' night. My friend James's mom is not only going through chemo, but she slipped and broke her leg a couple of weeks ago. Because the chemo has made her so weak, she's basically bedridden and she gets super bored. So Lucy and I brought a bunch of movies over there, pizza makings for dinner (I'm so glad it was easy on her stomach! She was able to eat it!) and hung out with her and Ruth, James's sister. We watched "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and had a blast. Such a funny movie because it's so good and bad at the same time. We actually stayed up until about midnight with them, talking and laughing. Kathy and Jim left yesterday to go back to the Mayo clinic for a couple of weeks.
I also discovered previously unknown masochistic tendencies. Lucy and I watched a marathon run of the show "Platinum Weddings" on Sunday. The smallest wedding budget we saw was $350,000!!!!!! My gosh, even if I could spend that kind of money on a wedding, why would I want to? Waste all that money on one day? I'd much rather have a small wedding and save the money for 1) the honeymoon and 2) a house. Sheesh. But it was also sort of like I was rubbing my own face in wedding stuff. Shane and I have been talking a bit about getting married but he doesn't actually want to get engaged right now because he's still a student, with a student job, and is worried about even holding up his end of the rent, let alone buying a ring and spending all the money that necessarily comes with getting married. But it's pissing me off, partly because I know four couples who got engaged within two weeks after Christmas (one of the couples is gay, and another is AWFUL and snobby!) and it kinda feels like everyone around me gets to get married, but I can't. So watching those shows probably wasn't the best idea. But it was like a train wreck. We couldn't turn it off! We were knitting away, gasping, criticizing, etc. One of the dresses was horrible and gaudy, and the woman spent about $10,000 on it. Lucy said, "She spent more on that ugly dress than I spent on my entire wedding!"
Actually, it was pretty fun. I never let myself watch trash t.v. like that, so it was something out of the norm.
Shane comes home tonight!

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