Monday, April 25, 2011

Tank top weather!

It got up to 55 this weekend, and you're going to laugh, but it was tank top weather around here. (I did see several people wearing hats and coats, and my boss still wears her parka, but for most of us, t-shirts, shorts, and sandals are going to quickly become the norm.) It makes me happy, thinking that planting time is coming up soon. Shane keeps making pointed remarks about getting the dining table back from my plants.
I bought a couple more plants this past weekend, too. Chives and cilantro. They apparently do quite well in pots, even if they're kept indoors, so I'm hopeful that I can keep them through next winter. If not, at least I'll have them for the summer and I have lots of things I'm planning to make with them. This week, carrot and cilantro (also called coriander) soup. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited.
This past weekend, I also got some totes to use as planter boxes for some of the squashes, and I'm trying to figure out what would be best in the garden. Also, can I get ahold of some old tires this year to hill my potatoes in? That would be fantastic. I've been reading a lot about gardening to try to increase my skills. My current book is "The Urban Homestead" by Coyne. It talks a lot about how to plant intensively for small spaces. I think it's even convinced me to try my hand at lettuce this summer. Maybe. (We don't actually eat too much salad, preferring to get our veggies as part of a meal rather than as a side. And I put lettuce on my sandwiches, but since we mostly have leftovers for lunch I don't end up eating too many sandwiches. It's sad, really.)
I finally used the last of our frozen rhubarb yesterday. It all went into one strawberry and rhubarb pie (frozen strawberries, of course) and a crystallized ginger and rhubarb crisp. (I just put in enough rhubarb to make up for the fact that I didn't have any apples.) The pie was good, but the crisp was excellent. I'm super excited to get ahold of several rhubarb plants this summer so that I can keep making it. So good! I might ask Shane's mom if she can bring up some of her frozen rhubarb when they're here in a few weeks so that I can make it again. In her own garden, she wanted one rhubarb plant. It turned into 4 enormous plants which she cuts back weekly in the summers. I don't feel bad asking for some of her supply. In fact, she could probably bring some fresh by then!
I ended up taking a sick day last Friday, because my throat was sore and my stomach hurt. (Not food poisoning, I didn't get sick. It just hurt. A lot.) Shane always laughs at me because when I have to stay home for any reason, I end up getting really restless. He went out in the morning and came home to find me cleaning of the blinds with an old sock over my hand. (Good thing I cleaned them, too. They were nasty!) I also rearranged the storage space, so now we can actually get to the things we need or will soon need. It was quite nice. I pulled out the planter boxes I've had for several years and put them on the porch. The dog laid down next to them and started sunning herself. She had the right idea. With not much left to do now while I'm waiting for the

weather to fully transition to summer, I need to just sit back and enjoy the sun.

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