Thursday, June 16, 2011

No good, very bad day

My dog hates me. More specifically, she hates that Shane is gone and she blames me. I woke up yesterday morning pretty much unable to open my mouth. Remember I said I got hit in the face with a frisbee? It exacerbated a previous problem that I thought I was done with, and long story short, I ended up staying home yesterday.
But my mouth wasn't the worst part. When I got up, I found both cat pee and poop on the floor. Then, going into the kitchen to get the cleaning tools, I saw that the dog had torn up our paper recycling. THEN I saw that she had also torn into our 50 lb. bag of flour. Not only was there flour all over the kitchen/dining room area, but she'd also gotten some water in it and ground the paste into the carpet. (Have I mentioned that we rent? And that the carpet was new when we moved in 2 years ago?!?) The flour was unsalvageable. What was left in the bag was covered with doggy paw prints. The dog herself was thrown out in the rain for an hour and a half while I cleaned up the mess, then taken immediately to the bath for both punishment (she hates baths) and to get the paste off of her.

The cat's punishment is that I had to use the vacuum cleaner. (It makes loud, scary noises!) I think his problem is more the fact that it's been a while since Shane did a complete clean-out of the litter box and it was starting to get gross. (It gets to a point where just getting the stuff out doesn't cut it, and you have to start over with fresh litter.) So I did that, and vacuumed all around there to pick up what had been flung out for good measure. Much happier cat.
I don't know what to do with the dog. She freaked out anytime she was more than 2 feet away from me yesterday while I could hardly stand to look at her.
I made myself feel a bit better, though. I found these recipes for fruit bars, which sound amazingly delicious and aren't even terribly unhealthy. I adapted a recipe to use both canned cherries (Shane's mom put them up several years ago, they need to be eaten) and dried cherries. Instead of apple or orange juice, I used the juice out of the can for the sauce. I can't wait to dig in! They still need to cool for a while. I think in the meantime, I'll go to the men's softball game and cheer on our friends. When I get home, they should be ready for me to...probably eat the whole pan in the next day or so. And then go buy more fruits to make even more bars. :)

P.S. Remind me not to try to cook dinner for just myself ever again. Baking yes, cooking no. Something about trying to make a small portion makes me muck it all up. I should stick to sandwiches when I'm alone.

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