Friday, August 5, 2011

The kids are alright

Surgery went well, very quick and with minimal fuss. They didn't even have to pack my nose or put in splints to keep it in place. Shane had surgery on his deviated septum years ago and he said that having them pull the packing out of your nose is one of the weirdest sensations ever. Like someone reached through your face to the back of your skull and was pulling everything out through your nose. After that description, I was very grateful that was not necessary.
My nose hasn't been hurting too much. In fact, the bruise on the back of my hand from the IV has been bugging me more than my nose! So, no more Vicodin for me. Hooray!
It's a very weird sensation to be knocked out for surgery. If you ever have to do that, make sure the IV line isn't twisted before they give you the knock-out juice. Otherwise, it HURTS when it all goes flooding into your system! Hopefully, this was the last time I'll ever have to deal with that.
And now, I've gone from looking like Sloth from "The Goonies" to looking more like this:

I have to wear a nose cast until next Friday. This is the first weekend of the fair here (which, of course, means it's cold--for summer, at least--and there's lots of rain in the forecast) but I think I'll wait until next weekend to go. Being out in public looking this way is not exactly my favorite thing. Plus, in large crowds it would be more likely that my nose would accidentally get bumped by a careless person. After going through all the trouble of having it surgically fixed, that would be horrible.
On the plus side, apparently the anesthesia can have...uncomfortable digestive side effects. So I've been ordered to eat lots of high-fiber foods, like fruit! Poor me. It's such a hardship forcing down all these yummy summer fruits and veggies at the doctor's request, but I think I'll live through the experience. :)
The harder part will be forcing myself not to exercise in the next two weeks. I'm allowed to take the dog for walks, but that's about it. :(

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