Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This could possibly be a very boring post. If it is, let me know.

I realized that I've been talking about us eating the stuff in our freezers, but haven't said what kinds of things we've been eating. Of course, anyone who has read my blog can tell that we have things like moose meat, salmon, halibut, zucchini, and blueberries frozen. But what do we do with all that stuff?
Well, first of all, the only meat we've bought since we got home (all from HG Market) is 1 whole chicken breast (split into two meals), some bacon (on sale) and eggs. Whenever we need a change from moose, we've made fish. We haven't repeated a recipe once yet, and won't for quite a while.

Salmon chowder--I already put the recipe for that one up. The only things we had to buy were the milk and bacon.
Lasagna--made with ground moose meat, my home-canned tomato sauce, cheeses we had leftover from before our honeymoon (mozzarella and parmesan), and lasagna noodles from our supply. I haven't been able to find those in bulk yet, and we don't have any way to roll them out ourselves, but they were on sale a while ago so Shane bought five boxes!
Moose fajitas--made with moose steak, onions, and bell peppers. We had to buy the veggies and tortillas.
Pork tenderloin--Shane used Alton Brown's marinade, and included one of my peppers grown at work. We paired it with a salad (HG lettuce, farmer's market cabbage, cherry tomatoes from work, and apples) and homemade bread.
Egg drop soup--This is where half the chicken breast went. Usually Shane puts in green onions, but we substituted my chives and it worked out very well. He also doesn't usually put in celery, but he didn't want to pick it out of the freezer pack I made of carrots and celery so he left it in and it, too, worked well. Even after being frozen the local celery packs a bunch of taste! We of course paired it with homemade bread, because that's the best way to serve almost anything. :)
Chicken pot pie--this is where the other half of the chicken breast went, and that was the only ingredient we had to buy specifically for this meal. I use butter in my pie crusts, so it's something we always have on hand. Shane didn't like the turnips I added, "They just don't seem to go with it...", but I did.
Heavenly hamburger--this is a recipe of my mom's, sort of like a goulash. I used ground moose, of course, and made it partly because we had all of the ingredients already in the house.
Zucchini pancakes--I've linked to that recipe before, but here it is again. Topped with birch syrup, they're amazing. I liked them better when I cooked them in bacon fat, though. Because what isn't better cooked in or with bacon?
Smoothies--made with our frozen berries (I'm running out of frozen cherries!) and my homemade yogurt, a little bit of honey, yum! Perfect quick weekday breakfast. I let the berries thaw overnight in the blender, and it's also a little quicker in the mornings. I just have to put the blender on the base and go.
Moose roast--Shane likes to cook it in canned cream of mushroom soup and surround it with veggies.
Chili rubbed salmon with homemade bread and salad.
Halibut (pan roasted in butter and garlic) with the same sides.
Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup--I cheated and bought everything, including the bread! It was one of those crazy nights.

Things we're planning to make soon:
Pumpkin soup
Chicken soup
Salmon with homemade bread and roast root vegetables.
Clam chowder (we also have frozen clams, dug up by Shane's mom)
Moose stroganoff
Moose tacos
Moose stew
Butternut squash soup (Shane gives it a big "yuk!" but I love it! He can make himself a sandwich.)
And before it gets too cold to grill, more moose burgers!

There are so many more recipes that I can't think of at the moment, both what we've made and what we're going to make. I've been writing them down at home when I think of them so that we have a reference when one of us asks, "What are we going to make for dinner this week?" That makes it so simple to create a shopping list, too, because we can easily inventory what we have vs. what we need. And we've been really good about eating all of the leftovers before making something new so that there's no wasted food.
I didn't realize how many fantastic recipes we have to call on until I started writing it all out!

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