Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Measuring Success

I measure success in exercise by how well my clothes fit and how good I feel afterwards, not in calories burned, distance, or pounds lost.

I measure success in gardening by how delicious the food tastes, and the satisfaction it gives me, not in how much money I can save.

I measure success in love by how often I make him laugh and how easily we forgive each other, not in "keeping score" about who does more/earns more/is "the better spouse".

I measure success in cooking and baking by the smiles that people have when they eat my food, not the compliments they give.

I measure success in friendship by the quality of my relationships, not by how many there are.

I measure success in life by the experiences I have, not the number of possessions.

I measure success at work by how many people I help, not by how much money I make.

I measure success in reading by how it helps me understand the world better, not by how many books I read.

I measure success in music by how much I've learned and how well I can sound with my groups, not by trying to measure up to other people.

I measure success in education by what I actually learn, not by what grade I get.

I am not the smartest, wittiest, most charming, prettiest, kindest, funniest, most knowledgeable, fittest, or talented person. No matter what or how much I do, there's someone out there who's done more and better. But I have my successes, and learning to be happy with them and content with myself had made my life infinitely better. I have accomplishments, and they're nothing to sneeze at. Being The Best doesn't necessarily lead to happiness, but focusing on the quality of my relationships and working to make them better has made me exponentially happier. If I've made other people a little bit happier in the process, well, that makes my happiness even greater. What are we here for if not to love and help each other? Isn't that the message of every religion on earth?
How do you measure success?

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