Tuesday, September 18, 2012


That pair of socks that I've been knitting for, well, forever? I finally finished them! I don't think the boys in my house quite understand what a feat and accomplishment this is for me. I ran back to the bedrooms shouting, "I finished it! I finished the second sock!" and they both emerged from the rooms laughing at me. "You don't understand, it's a whole pair of socks! And I made them! Me! Socks!" They wouldn't stop laughing and Shane said, "Boy, days from now, the authorities are going to find our two bodies and be like, wow, it looks like they were strangled by...a pair of socks." I told them that I would never do that to my socks. "However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't shove them down your throat and choke you to death with them."
I haven't worn them out and about yet because they're too thick to put in my regular shoes! They'll be strictly boot socks. However, when I wore them in the house the other night I ended up getting over-warm. Shane said, "Oh, good. Now your feet won't be ice cubes the whole winter!" Truth.
My cat certainly loves them. He won't leave them alone. I think that's just because of the yarn, though. He tried to "help" me knit, by which I mean he would watch me for a while and then swipe at the yarn a whole bunch.
Here he is, with a stolen knitting needle.
I think that with the leftover yarn I'll try to make a sweater. Just watch me take four years to make it!

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