Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Baby hit me one more time."

This past weekend was so much fun. Honestly, it's been a while since I had so much pure, unabashed fun in one weekend. Of course, I didn't get many chores done but I can't even be upset about that.
On Friday night, Shane and I couldn't figure out what we wanted to do for dinner, so we decided to go out for Thai food and celebrate our anniversary that night, since I had class the evening of the 8th. We ended up going over to James and Lucy's, first, and inviting them and James's sister Ruth to go out with us. It was really fun. Shane tends to get really quiet on dates (in the car he'll be chatty like normal, but as soon as we get out to dinner he clams up and I have to try to keep the conversation going) so this made the evening more lively. James was really sweet and got dinner for all of us. But we went to Wolf Run to get dessert (best desserts in town) and Shane got that. (I think I owe him a movie, at least, for that.) It was pretty funny, too, because I ordered a chocolate raspberry cake and everyone else got creme brulee. Of course, my dessert was about eight times bigger than theirs. Lucy helped me a bit, and I took over half of it home. Yum...leftover chocolate cake. The rest of the evening was spent playing a Mario Bros. game on James's Wii. So fun.
Saturday night was karaoke at the Pub. So much fun. The evening passed by really quickly. I only sang two songs, "Don't Stop Believin'" with Mitch and a Britney Spears song with a few other girls (not my choice). At one point I was dancing with my friend Dustin and Shane ran up to him and tore his shirt open. Buttons went flying and Dustin kept dancing. I laughed so hard, but found the buttons. Unfortunately, the shirt actually ripped in several places, so it was beyond repair. We'll get him a new shirt this weekend to replace it. Luckily, it wasn't a shirt he was totally attached to so he said it was no big deal. It was really, really funny.
Also, apparently the guys decided to rag on our friend Shanti all night by telling him how gay he is. (He's not gay, and they weren't making fun of gay people. This just seems to be how guys up here, and guys in general, show their affection: making fun of each other relentlessly.) At one point I turned to Shanti and said, "Are you giving off some kind of gay vibe tonight? Because that's all they're talking about." Shanti rolled his eyes and right then, Adam showed up. Only, he came in behind Shanti and started rubbing his chest and saying, "Hey, sexy, how's it going?" It was so perfect. Shanti and I cracked up. I think in part they were doing this to cheer him up (as odd as it sounds) because Shanti and his girlfriend broke up a couple of weeks ago. They also sang "Gay Bar" to him, much to the delight of the other Pub patrons. Actually, that song got the most people dancing.
I even dragged Shane up for a dance. He made some teasing comment to me, so I made him dance. It was fun. Mitch ran up to us like he was going to cut in, but Shane pushed him away. I told him, "Nice defense." "I know, right?"
Spencer leaves for Scotland today, and I know Shane is both excited and unhappy. He already misses Spencer, and with Chris having moved out he's getting bored pretty easily. Luckily, we haven't been spending that much time at home.
We went to the Pub again on Sunday to watch the Superbowl, but there was no one there that we know, so it was just ok. I randomly picked the right team to cheer for. (They were down at the half when we showed up, so I decided to cheer for the Saints. Always root for the underdog.) We were both really tired from the night before, and I'd lost my voice. It was starting to come back, but it's still not great. I must have cheered more than I thought I had at karaoke.
We also had soccer Sunday evening. This is the first game I've gone to since joining the team, and the first time I'd played in about ten years. It was fun, despite everything. I twisted my ankle within the first minute of play. Then, later on, a guy on the other team didn't notice me and kicked me in the back of the leg. I have a nice big bruise on my thigh now. Actually, it might be the second biggest bruise I've ever had. He also managed to make me punch myself in the jaw, due to poor hand placement on both our parts. Then, he tripped me later! Not on purpose, of course, but I really got beaten up during that game. It hurt! If pictures of bruises turned out well I'd totally post one up, but they don't so I won't.
I've also started running a little bit. I hate running.

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