Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Sarah Palin

I would like to ask, what good has she done by becoming a prominent political figure? The answer, honestly, is none. All she's done is to further hate and fear-mongering in this country, and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of hearing about her, and her divergent opinions on who's right and who's wrong. (Emanuel is wrong, but Rush is right? Huh?) I'm sick of her hypocrisy and blatant lying. She'll never be labeled a "flip-flopper", it's true, because she doesn't change her opinions or message no matter how many times she's proven wrong. And while sticking to your principles is often admirable, spouting self-righteous and patently wrong, hateful ideas is not. We, as a country, should not give these people the soapboxes and attention they so clearly do not deserve.
But of course, we just can't help but look at disasters.

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