Monday, July 11, 2011

New toys and ripened berries

Shane bought a bike this weekend. And I don't mean a pedal bike. We are now in possession of a motorcycle. Part of me just thinks !!! when it pops into my head. (So Shane going to be careful? much fun....) But I think it was our first date when Shane first mentioned that he really, really wanted a motorcycle, and how could I say no now when he brought it up? For the past three weeks it's been about all he's talked about. "It gets about 40 miles to the gallon better gas mileage than the truck. See? It'll save on gas!" Actually, that part is true. 50-60 miles per gallon compared to...14? And it really is fun, I have to admit. Shane's using his snow machine helmet, and the guy we bought it from gave us his old helmet so that's what I've been using. (Don't worry! We are being safe, if not practical.) It's too big, so we'll have to sell it and get a smaller one. But with a winter hat on underneath, it's working fine for now. I was worried how my mom would react, but she seemed fine with it. Shane's mom (who rides a motorcycle herself) was the one full of admonishments to be careful.
I took the dog out for a long walk on Saturday evening and had a pleasant surprise--the first of the wild raspberries are ripening! They grow along our usual walking path to the University (Pepper gets to run free in the fields when we go there, and loves it!) so I picked a few of them. This week is going to be nutty, since we're both working 4 10-hour days, but I'll make time to get out there and pick some of these sweet little berries. Yum! I need to make sure I get enough to freeze, since there's not much better than raspberries in winter. And I think I know which friends I'll call to come berry picking with me....
This diet, btw, is killing me. I'll find myself staring off into space and when I shake myself out of it, I'll realize that I was thinking of a warm piece of buttered toast. Shane keeps laughing at me and shaking his head. When I had trouble falling asleep last night and he asked if there was anything he could do, I mumbled, "Make me toast!" He said no. (Not that we have any bread in the house right now, anyway.) On the flip side, I'm sick of salad. At first, I was so excited to say, "I'm going outside to pick a salad!" (I actually had to buy lettuce at HGMarket over the weekend because my poor little plants can't keep up!) But I've gone from eating zero salads per month to sometimes eating 2 salads per day. So I'm fighting off being sick of it by mixing in lots of things. Carrots, onions, radishes, dandelion greens (which are bitter, but can hardly be tasted when mixed with lots of other things), cucumbers, radish greens (yep, you can eat the greens), fruit, cheese, tomatoes... I'm going to have to get creative, here, about what to do with greens because I'm thinking I want to start cutting back to only one salad per day. One thing I found to do with radish greens is saute them in either butter or olive oil with a bunch of garlic. Sounds like a yummy side dish to me! I'll let you know how it tastes.
And of course, I'm eating tons of summer fruit. We had some nectarines that started getting moldy after the first day, so I cut all the good parts off and froze them for smoothies over the winter. Yum! Added to the raspberries I'll pick, wild blueberries and cranberries from the farmer's market and my future mother-in-law, winter smoothies will pack tons of good things.

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