Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sadly, this is getting to be routine

There were any number of things I wanted to talk about today. Like the enormous zucchini I have waiting to be picked. Or the fact that I actually did a bit of raspberry picking yesterday. (Remind me never to take my dog along again when I go berry picking. I feel like I learned that lesson last year, but it apparently didn't stick.) Or small things I've been doing lately to reduce our water usage. But no, it was not to be.
I broke my nose playing softball last night. I'm the catcher (usually) and while I did manage to catch this foul ball, it happened to be with my face instead of my glove. Will I ever forget the image of a ball coming straight at my face? Not sure. At least I didn't pass out, and I didn't have a concussion. (Shane played the "fiance card", as he calls it, and made me stay up watching a movie when we came home from the hospital, just to be sure.) Anyway, if you want to know what I look like, I resemble this a little too much for my own comfort:
I'm taking a couple of days off work to let the swelling go down. As I left the softball field I joked, "Hey, it's just an excuse to stay home all day and read!"
If you'll excuse me, the Vicodin has kicked in and my head is swimming. Movie time.


  1. Don't catchers usually wear a mask? You know, to prevent the ball from smacking them in the face?

    Well baby sister, you have come a long way. When we were kids we couldn't roughhouse with you. As much as you said you wouldn't cry, it always ended that way. Then your older brothers got yelled at by mom.

    As one girl with three brothers though, you did grow up tough. It makes me proud to see you living a rough and tumble life. Not afraid of living life to its fullest. Still, and take this from a guy who has broken two ribs in as many years, I have a bit of untimely advice: "don't do that, it hurts."

  2. This is coed D-league recreational softball. No face masks. And to think, all this time I've been worried that a batter was going to accidentally smack me in the side of the head!