Monday, June 18, 2012

Broken and overgrown.

Shane got home last night and after a while he asked me how the garden was doing. I explained that I'd been out weeding for over an hour that afternoon before sending him out to look at it. He came back inside laughing and said, "That's after weeding? Hahaha!" Thanks, dear. (And he wonders why I want a raised garden bed when we have our own house.)
It got so completely overgrown while we were in Hawaii that now I'm fighting an uphill battle. However, I did find a little hand rake style tool that helped out a lot. It didn't get the more established weeds, of course--those had to be pulled by hand--but the new little ones that have cropped up came right out with just a few rakes. It's fantastic. Especially since I still don't have much energy right now. Last night was the first night since getting home during which I managed to get more than four hours of sleep before waking myself up coughing. I got a whole six hours of sleep before that happened!
And our dishwasher broke. It must have happened while we were gone, somehow. I don't make that many dishes when it's just me in the house, so I didn't have a full load until Saturday and when I tried to start the dishwasher, nothing happened. I tried again yesterday and still nothing happened, so I called the landlord. Then I did the dishes by hand. It's really not so bad, except that there is apparently a hole in one of our sinks. So we have a large canning jar under the hole, and a plastic tub (from our cabin days) in the sink. Since we don't have a dish drainer, I simply put the dishes back in the dishwasher to drain and dry.
By myself, and especially because of my cold (I haven't been eating much--a couple pieces of toast and some soup each day, lots of tea with honey) I don't make that many dishes. With Shane around, well, we'll see. He HATES doing dishes by hand, and gets really grumpy about them. I might just take over that chore entirely until the dishwasher gets fixed, simply to promote household harmony. The landlord is supposed to be coming over either today or tomorrow to take a look at it, but he warned me that if he has to order a part it could be next week before the dishwasher gets totally fixed. Oh well. Technically, I think doing the dishes by hand saves water--if you're washing them the way they're supposed to be done by hand. One sink full of soapy water, one full of clean water.

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