Sunday, June 17, 2012

Land of the Midnight Sun

Ever wondered why Alaska is called the Land of the Midnight Sun? This is why: I took that photo last night at midnight. I admit, it doesn't look too sunny because of the contrast, but the sun was up enough for this photo, too:
The lilacs in front of our house were blooming when we got home, and they're so beautiful. I was worried that I'd miss all the flowers in Hawaii, but we've got our own here. The lilacs and the wild roses are out in all their glory. It's wonderful.
Pardon me for the lack of posting. As usual, I came home with a cold. Actually, mostly it's just a cough. A bad cough. I called my dad today for Father's Day and the few minutes of talking got me coughing uncontrollably. It was miserable. I've been waking up early in the mornings coughing too. Bleh.
But Shane gets home tonight, he can take care of me. :) In the meantime I've been using a homemade cold/cough remedy of 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a mug of hot water with enough honey to make it palatable. Other than that, I've been drinking lots and lots of jasmine tea with honey.
I got out and did some gardening today, as well as cleaning the house a bit. My plants look well but the garden was ridiculously overgrown just from the few days we were gone. So I put some serious work into that. When we get a home of our own, I want raised beds. None of this established weeds crap we have going on here. :)

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