Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"He's one bad experiment away from becoming a super villain!"

Well, I had a crazier weekend than I would have liked. Last Thursday night, the cat ran off. Shane was at the Marlin with friends, and I was at home just hanging out. So I had the door open so that the animals could come and go. Zap was outside by himself for less than ten minutes, and when I went to check on him he was gone. No cat in our yard, or in the neighbors' yards or anything. So I thought, oh well. He'll be home soon. By morning at the latest. He's never been gone for longer than a couple hours so I didn't think it was a big deal. I did send a text to Shane, though, and went to bed.
The next morning, Shane hadn't gone to bed. And Zap wasn't home yet. That made me really nervous. Our kitty is a terrible hunter, and not exactly equipped with the skills to live on his own. I told Shane to let me know if he came home while I was at work. He didn't.
I was in a really bad mood at softball that night. And the thing is, I actually batted pretty well, but the other teams defended a little better. On one of my hits, the only reason it wasn't at least a base hit is because their short stop was about eight feet tall. I hit the ball right over second base, but he was just tall enough to run, leap, and catch it in the tip of his glove. It sucked. The next game, I had another great hit, but the second basewoman happened to be a little bit to the right of where she should have been and caught it. Grr! I did field a ball nicely when I was in the outfield, and thankfully Simon put me back as catcher for the last half of the second game. I made the game ending catch there, with a pop up foul. That felt pretty good. But I was so stressed out and worried during the entire evening that I couldn't really enjoy anything. All I wanted was for my kitty to come home. Shane was feeling the same way.
We had a quiet Friday night because neither of us felt like doing much. Plus, most of our friends were busy. So we hung out and watched "The Big Bang Theory" on Shane's computer. That show is hilarious!
Saturday morning, still no kitty. Saturday night I went out to the Marlin with Lucy and some of her coworkers, because Shane and James were having a lan party (all night gaming) at James's house. The Marlin was fun, except for how worried I still was. But several of the girls from Lucy's work have cats, so they were comforting. One girl said she had a cat come back home after three months. That almost gave me a heart attack. Three months?! I can't imagine the wreck I'd be if it took Zap three months to get home to me!
Lucy and one of the girls went home early because they were tired and had to work early Sunday morning. One girl, Nicole, was still there so even though I was tired I said I'd stay with her until some of her other friends showed up. Soon after, Donald, Mitch and Chris showed up. It was Chris's birthday, but they'd partied hard the night before so they weren't really in a drinking mood. So we listened to the bands, and talked. It was fun. The bands were great.
Sunday morning, I woke up alone. Shane was still at James and Lucy's, with the truck, and I needed to get downtown to Ellie's place because we were going floating down the Chena. So I called Shane, woke him up, and started getting ready to go. Shane got home, and it turned out that he needed to get to Adam and Ellie's, too, because the guys were going to play some Star Wars game. Just before we left, I went to the bathroom since there aren't really bathrooms in the middle of the river. While I was in there Shane said, "Um, you should come out here." "Yeah, hold on." When I opened the door, he was holding Zap. "Look who just wandered back in!" Instant relief. Now we just want to know where he went. I don't think he managed to hunt anything because he was super hungry.
I was able to really enjoy the float down the Chena. It was so relaxing. And I'm so tan now! I actually have really funny tan lines on my legs, because I was wearing long shorts (I couldn't find the bottoms to my swimsuit) and I got ever so slightly burned on only the front of my legs. So now I have lines on the front of my legs about halfway down my thighs. I showed Shane that night and he laughed pretty hard.
It's amazing how tiring it is to lie out in the sun all day. Of course, I did kind of get a workout paddling sometimes. It's not easy to paddle while lying on your back. My stomach muscles got their exercise that day, which was good because I didn't feel like doing Insanity that night. (I've finished it, but I'm trying to still do the workouts, at least until we leave for Las Vegas. I don't want to gain any weight back, and it would be nice to lose some more.)
Less than a week and a half before we go! I'm so excited!!