Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Everyone chips in

I saw the first green buds on a tree today. Despite the chilly temperatures, that means that spring is finally here and summer starts, oh, next week-ish. Hurray!
Last weekend, Shane and I decided it was about time we had salmon for dinner. Neither of us is hugely fond of salmon, but it's local, free, and good for us so we make something with salmon at least once a month. This time, however, the fillet had gone rancid. The vacuum seal broke sometime while it was in the freezer and we didn't know it until after we'd pulled it out. So instead of wasting it (what a crime!) I baked it up for the dog. And have been gagging on the smell of bad fish every night as I pull it apart searching for the bones. I'm not usually sensitive to smells like that (if something's gross, Shane will start gagging and I'll just go take care of it) but this has gotten me pretty close to throwing up all over the kitchen. Luckily, the dog loves it. As an added treat, we've been mixing in some of the otherwise "waste" material from our own dinners--bacon grease (we ended up making "brinner"--or breakfast for dinner--that night), moose drippings (not droppings), and steak fat. Pepper does her part to eat locally and sustainably.
Now if only the cat would step up and do his part. I did find a bird in the garage this morning, repeatedly tapping at the window trying to get out even after I opened up the doors. Sadly, I did have the thought that I could just close the doors and let the cat into the garage, but didn't. If Shane had been awake? Maybe.
It's been a very expensive week for us, too. I buy flour from AK Feed Co., in bulk, and needed to pick up another 50 lb sack. At only $35, it's a good deal. But on top of all the other staples that needed to be re-stocked (like oats and dried fruit) it's been a budget-killing week.
And I love that Shane will take care of things like grocery shopping so that I don't have to, but he doesn't shop the way I do. He doesn't buy organic, he shopped at Safeway, and he doesn't look at the packaging. But how can I scold him for being such a sweetie?
My lettuce plants are coming along nicely. I might even be able to make a salad from the six of them around the time I get to plant them outside. Two more weeks!
Anything else I can think of to say just sounds dumb right now. I should never read the news right before blogging. It's just depressing.

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