Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden pictures

It's meltingly hot here. I mean, it was almost 90 degrees over the weekend. You might laugh, but that means we've gone through a 120 degree temperature swing in about 2 1/2 months. No gentle lead-up, no wondering, "will it get hot?" Just BAM--hot weather. And mosquitoes. Lots and lots and lots of giant, annoying mosquitoes that bite lips in the middle of the night so you wake up with a swollen mouth and....
But I'm not really here to complain about that. I just wanted to show off my garden a little bit. I got most of the planting finished over the holiday weekend (just a few more squashes I need to get in the ground!) and I'm quite proud of it. I bought a brussel sprout plant. I've never even tasted brussel sprouts. So that will be an adventure in and of itself. (I do hear they're sweeter when they're homegrown or at least local.)
Potatoes! In an old tire! (I'll stack more on as the plants grow up--it's a good way to grow lots of potatoes in a very small space.)
Cabbage! This is more symbolic than anything else. I've planted at least one cabbage every year, partly because I love cabbage and partly because they're just so darn easy to grow. But it's not truly economical unless you're willing to start them from seeds yourself, and I never have. BTW, if anyone has a good coleslaw recipe, I'd love to hear it. While I like cooked cabbage, Shane does not.
My brussel sprout! L also got and planted one, so we're having a sprout adventure together.

I won't bore you with any more pictures of the numerous squashes, and I figure you know what lettuce looks like. But I did find one surprise in my garden: a little rhubarb plant. It's not from me, so it must have germinated naturally from all the ones in our neighborhood. Lucky me, I now have three rhubarb plants!

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