Monday, May 2, 2011


It was a very busy weekend for me. I'm in the Fairbanks Symphony, and yesterday was our last concert of the season. It was also the concert in which the young winners of the local concerto competition got to perform (they ranged in age from 8-17) so that was neat. And on top of all that, this was our conductor's 10th season with the Symphony, so it was a big deal to wrap it up. Seeing how pleased he was by how well it all went (the orchestra played well, and the soloists were amazing) was better to me than the applause from the audience.
Concert weekends also mean lots of time in rehearsal, so I didn't have too much free time this weekend. In fact, I didn't even get a chance to go grocery shopping! Well, all right. Between running wedding-related errands on Saturday morning (florist and salon), rehearsal in the afternoon, and then celebrating our friends' good news (J&L went to see a specialist in Anchorage last week and found out that Baby is totally fine, nothing to worry about!) I did get a chance to stop in at the Alaska Feed Co. to get some milk. And realize that that might be what breaks our budget. I bought two gallons of Northern Lights Dairy milk and it was $11! Since we tend to go through more like 3-4 gallons per week, well, we'll have to see after Drew goes home for the summer how much milk will really be costing us.
Because I am also a giant nerd, I spent some time this weekend knitting a baby blanket for J&L while watching 'Nova'. (I love that program.) I found this episode particularly fun to watch, since it's about the future of energy. They talk about the urgency of needing to change things now, but at the same time pointing out that there are so many options. And they present it all in an exciting way. It's 'look at this opportunity' rather than a lecture. No need to be doomy and gloomy!
My cilantro plant seems to be failing. I let it get a little too dry, and then because I have so many other plants indoors it was way at the back and I think it wasn't getting enough light. Now it's on the floor by the back door so that it gets full sun for at least six hours each day. I hope it revives!
Oh, and Shane caught the cat climbing back over the fence last night. Looks like we're going to be trying collar experiment #2. He's going to be very unhappy for a while.

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