Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One heck of a crazy week

Well, our truck still won't start. Shane thinks the battery died so we have it on "life support"--battery charger hooked up and plugged in, as well as the engine block heater. It's still in the -30s, though, so we'll see.
Our good friend and next door neighbor came over to "rescue" us last night. We were cheeseless and wanting needing to make noodles and cheese sauce. (We used shells rather than macaroni so I can't call it macaroni and cheese, but that's really what it was.) I'll have to share that recipe sometimes. It's Shane's, and it's divine. I know he starts off with a roux, heated milk, and adds cheese plus a dash or two of nutmeg, but I'm not sure what else or in what quantities. I just know that it's fabulous. Dinner ended up being around 10:00 because we were still hoping that we'd get the truck running. Oh well. We do have food, but to make it all into meals we'll need to go to the store soon. Our neighbor offered to give us a ride if our truck won't start. I love having her live so close! I think I'll bake some bread as a thank you.
In addition to the weather and vehicle insanity, Shane starting classes, and the Fairbanks Symphony starting tonight, I'm having to work crazy hours because my coworker is out until further notice with family health issues. My boss is teaching a class Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, we don't have a student worker, and the library is supposed to be open until 7:00 each night. At least I got to sleep in a bit this morning, to make up for working late. (I'm on my 15 minute lunch break.)
On my walk up the hill, I got something in my eye. I rubbed it, and my contact fell out into the snow. Now, I have awful vision. As in, if it gets much worse I will be legally blind. There's no way I can operate with only one contact, and I don't normally carry my one pair of glasses with me wherever I go. This could have been disastrous, involving a headache inducing walk back home (with only half vision) to get a new contact and then trudging back to work with all of my stuff. (My normal work bag packed with two meals' worth of food and my violin in its huge padded case since I'm heading straight to Symphony rehearsal tonight. The case protects it from the cold.) Somehow, miraculously, I managed to find my contact in the snow. My next worry was that it would break or in some other way be weird because it was frozen. But I ducked into the nearest building, found a bathroom to wet down my contact, and somehow everything was fine. Disaster averted! I might have horrible luck in some things, but I'm counting this morning an overall win, even if I was at work 15 minutes later than I planned.
All of this is really just to illustrate the fact that I'm so thankful I planned ahead. I banked some meals in the fall by freezing some soups that can easily be reheated at work. (Butternut squash soup freezes and then reheats really well.) Because I baked a ton of bread over the weekend it was easy enough to grab a couple of rolls in addition and an apple as filling sides. Healthy, quick meals on the go for the win! I won't get home until after 10:00 tonight, and it will be a marathon day, but at least I'll have fortified myself well with nutritious, yummy food to keep me going strong right to the end.
Finally, I decided to shake things up around here a little bit with regard to the view. I wanted to make things simpler and easier to view. I'm trying to figure out how to tag things to get an archive by category going, but I'm still not sure how to do that yet. If anyone knows Blogger better than I do and wants to let me in on the secret, please do!

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  1. Hey! Love the new blog look. I meant to say in an earlier post that I don't have very many worms right now, but I would be happy to give you some once they start having lots of little worms. Certainly within 6 months I'm hoping.

    As for adding tags - if you update to the new version of blogger (there should be a prompt to do so up by the dashboard button (upper right hand corner)), then you should find a little box to enter tags in (separated by commas) at the bottom of each new posting page. Or, at least at the bottom of the blog entry box. Then they'll all show up as searchable tags! Very fun. :) Blog lay out looks great.