Monday, January 30, 2012

Whoops! Monday total this week

I didn't post my usual Sunday total. But I have a good excuse! It was still -50 down in the valley yesterday, so we escaped to the hills. We went to our friend J's parents' house where it was forty degrees warmer. You wouldn't think that -10 would feel so balmy, but it did! Shane and J helped haul wood, I helped L with Baby and cooking dinner. (J's mom has a number of health problems so when we go there we cook for her rather than the other way around.) I felt bad because Baby started crying every time her grandparents started cooing at her. I guess 5 months is the age for getting separation anxiety, and either I see her often enough that she doesn't mind me or I just ended up being the lesser of evils so she didn't care that I was holding her as long as it wasn't Nana holding her. Or as long as Poppa wasn't making faces at her.
We brought the dog with us, and she loved it. I was worried that she'd be a brat with being in a new house, around new people, with another dog, and most importantly with a baby around. The poor dog has a tendency to freak out whenever Baby makes noises. (Shane and I joke that our dog is turning into an old Jewish woman--she worries about everything! And then she makes us feel guilty....) But she did so well, I think partly because there was so much going on that she couldn't focus enough to freak out over any one thing. Also, I think she's getting used to having Baby around sometimes. It was warm enough that we let her run around outside for a bit and she just looked happier than she's been for a little while. J's mom was a little worried about how their old lady dog would handle having a new dog in the house (Grace, the dog, has been a bit depressed since their other dog died a couple weeks ago) but after their initial meeting, the two dogs mostly ignored each other. For a pair of old dogs, that's fantastic.
Anyway, our Sunday total was $40. We were on track to not spend any grocery money last week, until we invited our brothers and a friend over for dinner on Friday. A dinner which Shane planned, and I ended up making. And then eating by myself. We didn't have quite enough stuff for our planned dinner to feed everyone who was coming over. Then our truck wouldn't start because of the cold, so Shane had to grab a ride to the store with his brother and brother's roommate. The plan was to go really quick, pick up my little brother on the way home, and then we'd all have dinner before I rushed off to the theater to see FLOT's "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" with a friend. Well, they took a really long time at the store. So I ended up making dinner, and waiting...and finally eating really quickly before our friend came to pick me up. At least the show was worth it. The music (my friend was the orchestra manager) was fantastic, and the lead actors were wonderful. (A few of the background people were not so great, but hey, it's community theater.)
By the way, never go to the theater with someone who works in theater. He was cracking me up almost as much as the show because every once in a while he'd make a derisive, "Pfft!" noise, or throw his hands up a little. When we saw his wife between acts (the one managing the orchestra) she asked him how he liked it and when he made a "meh" gesture she complained, "You take the fun out of everything!" I had to laugh. (And then remind her that at least her husband will go to these things. I tried to get Shane to go see "Annie" and he looked at me like I was asking him to kick the dog.) As I said, I enjoyed it.
Our monthly total is: $243 on groceries. I suppose for an entire month of eating that's not really bad. Still, whew! Seeing it all together like that feels like a lot of money. And it was low because we didn't buy any food the first week we were back from vacation.
It's only -31 this morning. I borrowed L's snowskirt, though, until it warms up a bit. It was nice having warm legs this morning! It's a good thing I brought some leggings to go under my pants for the walk home, though. Apparently the skirt isn't warm enough to get away with not wearing them entirely. The skirt is long and zips up on the sides so I had to decide--do I only zip them partway and keep a normal stride, or do I zip them all the way down to keep my knees warm and deal with taking much shorter steps? I opted for cold knees and my normal stride. Didn't want to be late for work!

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