Monday, April 23, 2012

I cannot say enough good things.

So this is totally not a post about my usual things (the environment, Alaska, case you didn't already know that) but it IS about one of my other passions: books. Specifically, the book "Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir" by Jenny Lawson. It's AMAZING. I started reading it yesterday morning and despite doing a long bike ride, then biking to the grocery store, and working with my plants a bit, I'm almost finished with it. And it's making me sad, because I really don't want this book to end. I've been giggling maniacally at pretty much every page, and I've read about half of it aloud to Shane. Before he left for soccer last night I read a huge section out loud to him and then he told me that I "have problems". I'm pretty sure he said that because I was face down in my pillow, snorting and shaking with uncontrollable laughter. But maybe he just didn't think it was as funny as I did?
I don't know how she does it, but this woman even managed to make her multiple miscarriages funny. (She has a rare autoimmune disorder that made pregnancy very difficult. Actually, she has several autoimmune disoders, OCD, and general anxiety disorder. So, you know, she's got all kinds of funny stories.) She also has a thing for taxidermied animals which just adds a whole new level. If you'd like to read a little bit from her blog, this is one of her recent posts. However, this is the post which hooked me to her blog.
At least part of the reason I like her writing so much is because the arguments and conversations she says she has with her husband are, in some cases, eerily similar to ones Shane and I have had. Or at least, it seems that Victor and Shane react in similar ways. So reading the book gets me thinking about all the good times we've had, and all of the times I've gotten him to utter the phrase, "I hate you so much right now," in a rueful and loving way.
Shane and I went out a few weeks ago and when we got home we discovered that I'd left the oven on. For five hours. While we were gone. Instead of thinking about the electric bill, we were both really just thankful that the house hadn't burned down because, well, we have pets. The thought of their terror and the threat to their lives if the house caught fire is not actually something I want to think about. So after I turned the oven off, Shane grabbed me into a tight hug. A hug that lasted for about five minutes. I finally had to ask, "Are you hugging me so long so that your arms have something to do because you're trying not to strangle me?" and he answered, "Pretty much." All right then.

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