Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"What's the point of wearing butt floss if I'm not getting credit for it?"

I really don't have much to say today. This week is going to be CRAZY at work, for a variety of reasons, and I think a lot of my energy is going to go to that. Which sucks because work has been particularly frustrating the last couple of days. Things have gone wrong and I don't know why, and I've had to clean up the mistakes of people who quit or retired years ago. It's making me actually look forward to my evening run tonight because then at least I don't have to interact with anyone else.
Some days, I could so easily become a hermit.
However, I did want to highlight someone in Alaska who (very deservedly) won an environmental award for her work in advocating for native Alaskans and the subsistence way of life. She's been tirelessly working to point out that all of the business and industry has an impact (almost universally, negative) on the subsistence lifestyle of native people. And of course, since no one lives in a bubble, her advocacy on behalf of native Alaskans has helped all of us.
The plants at home haven't started coming up yet and I'm very impatient. But I already knew that.
When Shane used a paper towel last night, he was about to throw it away and I told him to put it in the compost. Then he told me that I'm getting "too hippie" for him, and I had to tell him about the sandwich gardening thing. Because apparently he didn't listen the first four times I said I wanted to try that. Somehow, the fact that it wasn't composting for the sake of composting made it all right in his eyes.
With the warm weather and the fact that he now gets to/wants to go outside, our cat has mellowed out so much. He'll even snuggle a bit with Shane, which never happens over the winter, and he'll allow me to hold him for minutes at a time. (I think mostly because it gives him a better vantage point to see outside.) It's wonderful.
Oh, and the "dirt" that the dog got into the other day turned out not to be dirt at all. It was fertilizer. Organic fertilizer, thankfully, and she didn't eat it. She just tore open the package and strewed it all over the dining room. To cover up a pee spot. (Shane did help me clean up. Apparently he thought I'd "find it funny". He was wrong.) I know my dog, and I'm 100% certain that she did all of this simply because she was mad that I hadn't taken her for a run or walk in a few days. She's lucky I didn't strangle her. As usual, she spent most of the evening looking sad and trying to snuggle with me in an effort to make up for her bad behavior. I finally took her for a walk later in the evening. In her excitement, I'm pretty sure the entire neighborhood heard us start out for the walk. We also got another dog to misbehave miserably, and terrified a sweet young couple out for an evening stroll. It was a thoroughly successful walk.

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