Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Major/minor disaster

I broke my violin bow. I still can't believe that happened. First of all, I didn't want to go to rehearsal last night. I knew I was going to be late (one of those nights, you know?) and I was tired. But I went anyway, because I'd feel awful if I skipped for no real reason, especially since the concert is in two weeks. So I went, and then this happened. I was reaching forward to make a note in my music (ha! a note! ok, not that funny) and I knocked my bow out of my other hand. It must have landed in just the wrong way, because the tip snapped apart. There were a few gasps from stands around me, then people stared at me. (Some people who didn't see what happened were afraid the guy with epilepsy a couple stands in front of me was having another seizure, apparently.) I was so in shock it actually took me a couple of minutes before I reached down to pick up my now broken and useless bow. And then, since we were in the middle of a piece and I didn't want to interrupt the soloist, I had to wait until after before I could go talk to my old teacher and then leave rehearsal. I did have someone offer to loan me a bow for the rest of rehearsal but I managed to say, "No, thanks, I think I'm just going to go home and cry about this for a bit." Poor Shane. I got home early, which he was already surprised, by, and then burst into tears as soon as the door was closed. I managed to sob out the whole story while he hugged me. He kept asking, "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"
So it's getting sent down to my parents this afternoon (I called them last night and freaked them out too--my dad originally thought that one of us was hurt and had braced himself for really bad news--whoops!) who will take it to the shop in Seattle where it was purchased. (A really, really good instrument store, they do their own repairs.) I've had several people ask me, "Well, how much would it cost to replace it?" This particular bow was a little under $400. And considering that I've had it for nearly half my life (and that it was a Christmas present from my parents one year, with a really funny story attached to it) nothing is ever really going to "replace" it. However, it probably won't be the same again, either, so at some point I will probably need to get a new bow, and just keep this one as a backup. *Sigh* I did get a little chuckle, however, when a friend told me that "it's time to visit Ollivander's."
After everything, I made a big pan of walnut brownies last night and ate three of them. I'm not really an emotional eater (food does not solve all problems) but I've been super hungry from all of my exercise, anyway, so it was nice to at least feel full for the first time since last week. (I'd been planning to make brownies for weeks anyway.)
And then my dog, I guess, needed something to make herself feel better. (She's very sympathetic.) So she ate a toothbrush.
In good news, I looked at the garden yesterday and almost all of the snow is gone. I've got a lot of work to do to clean it up before I can actually plant stuff in it, but at least the soil should be workable at this point. I think I can start putting in some carrots and maybe some potatoes! I've also been bringing some of my plants out on the porch (mostly my basil and spinach) to sun themselves and start getting acclimated to the outdoors, since that will be their home this summer.
I really, really need to get my other seeds started this week or I'll actually be behind schedule.


  1. Do you do a lot of your veggies in planters on your deck? What do you use for containers? What do you have a lot of success in growing? My lettuce, peas, beans, and herbs are all up and I figure I can start acclimating them in about a week or so. My tomatoes are almost 8 inches tall! Yeeeee so excited for growing stuff!

    I'm thinking at the end of this summer my worm bin could be divided; are you still interested in starting one? I could certainly give you some by then, I'm thinking.

    1. Well, we do have a small-ish garden space. So this summer I'm going to see just how many plants I can successfully stuff in there. :) But I also grow a lot of things in containers on my porch. I have a bunch of big, cheap blue totes for that purpose. (They're plastic, ugh, but big ceramic pots are FREAKISHLY EXPENSIVE.) I've had the best luck growing tomatoes and squashes in them, and potatoes would do well too. This year I'm going to grow some carrots in one, though, too. I figure I can fit two tomatoes and two rows of carrots in one tote because they're companion plants. In my other totes I'm going to grow squashes with beans and peas. (Two plants per tote.) If you want, come over some evening or weekend and we can talk plants.