Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Even my henchmen think I'm crazy, so I can see why you would too."

As early as it is, autumn seems to be in full swing around here. I came to the conclusion last year that Alaska forces people to live in a squirrely kind of way. Everyone up here has a "get-it-while-you-can" attitude, because for so much of the year it's either not possible to get something or it's just too expensive. So I've started my yearly stockpile of goods. Blueberries have actually been in season so I've bought several flats of them at the grocery store. After eating our fill (and making ourselves sick) I've frozen the rest. I've also been freezing as much of my zucchini as possible so that we don't have to pay the outlandish prices for these during the winter. Shane's family will be here this week and they'll bring up more fish and rhubarb for us, which is a little more exciting to me than by rights it should be. Oh well. I think that next summer I want to try canning things, and I may at some point look into how to make cheese. (I've heard that soft cheeses are actually really easy.)
Because of the new season, things are actually gearing up around here. Fairbanks is a true college town, with a large portion of the city depending in some way on the University. Classes start this coming week and students are showing up. At my library, we're going to have to gear up to register new patrons and deal with plenty of questions. Plus, I'll have to start taking a lunch so the portion of my day spent away from home will be an hour longer. I feel bad for my animals because they get really bored in my apartment. At least they have each other. They might ignore each other when we're home, but if I surprise them when I come home they're almost always snuggled up with each other.
The new semester also means that my guy's little brother will be crashing on our couch at least a few nights a week. He'll pay a small amount of rent and help out with utilities and food and chores. And he's a really sweet guy, so it'll be very fun to have him around. I'm looking forward to it.
The guys are planning a moose hunting trip for sometime in late September. Shane invited me, but I told him to go have a guys' weekend. He looked a little relieved, and that amused me. I really hope they get something, both because the meat would be fantastic and because I know it would make them really happy.
I'm going to stay up way too late tonight because the U's gym is having an all-nighter, which includes broomball. Since we haven't gotten to play in over four months, we'll all be rusty but it will be so much fun! I'm excited for it. I enjoy winter, and broomball seems to be the icing on the cake. I've missed it. Say what you will about how long and cold winters are around here. We've found ways to make them enjoyable.

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