Friday, February 10, 2012

Independence Days

So, what did I do this week to make my life a little more independent and sustainable? Not too much, but enough.
I ordered my seeds last weekend, and they should be here soon. Rather than the $100 I thought it would cost, it was only $55 (with shipping). Since there are way more seeds than I could ever plant here, I might have a few friends buy some from me. (For about $5.) My friend Hannah reminded me that it's not too early to start seeds for indoor growing, so I got some of my pots ready to plant and am on the lookout for more. The only planting I did this week was just replanting a vine I have (more about that tomorrow.) Since I used only things we already had in the house (and re-purposed a couple of things) I'm feeling pretty good about that one and I'm excited to share.
Of course, I didn't preserve anything, but we did make decent headway into the "eat the food" category. The dog spent a lot of time the other night showing me her big sad eyes until I fed her, because she knew we'd had halibut that night and she wanted some. I gave in. I made zucchini pancakes to use up some more of our saved squash, and we're almost out of our frozen blueberries. (No!!!!) Most of our upcoming meals (except maybe Valentine's Day--because I still don't know what Shane wants to make) are planned around things that we've already got, so we don't waste any of it.
I'm adding my own category here: health. Because any life in which you don't take care of yourself is not sustainable. Further, the medicines that we use are both incredibly resource intensive and involve a lot of transportation and waste. So what have I done to keep myself healthy? I walked for at least an hour and fifteen minutes every weekday. I exercised (not counting my walking) for forty minutes on four out of the last seven days. I started each day with a healthy breakfast (either a smoothie or a whole wheat scone) and I made sure to eat plenty of vegetables, fish, and nuts/seeds. I know I did all of this because I'm involved in a work health program that forces me to track my exercise and eating. :)
What have you done this week to make your life better?

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  1. love it that you included health. that could actually go under the skill up category...need to be strong and healthy to stay independent! :)