Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl weekend total--Ouch

It started off as a fairly uneventful weekend. Actually, I thought that the most excitement we'd have was when we realized how much money we spent. (!!) We stayed in Friday night and watched movies. Saturday, however, was roller derby night and we had two friends skating in competition. Against each other. And they're a couple. So we had to watch this, right? Well, it was a blast. We made signs with some friends and had a grand time cheering them on. And the names, of course. Our friends are "Mugshot" (I can never remember her real name because everyone just calls her Mugs!) and "Gitter a Bodybag". I think my favorite name of the evening, though, came from the junior derby that went before. There was one scrawny little girl (she looked like she was maybe 11?) and her name was "Toxic Tater Tot". Awesome. Shane was pleasantly surprised by how much fun he had, especially considering that he didn't know any of the rules before we went there. There was one really sad part of the evening, though. "Magically Delicious" got an accidental headshot and was taken to the hospital with a concussion. I didn't hear if she had any other injuries, so I hope she's all right. The game went on, though, and came down to a tie. Mugs's team finally won it by four points in overtime.
And of course, we had Super Bowl parties to attend today. We went to two of them, leaving the first one at halftime for the second one. Both were fun and even though I'm not a football fan, even I got sucked into the game. I was secretly rooting for the Giants, just because most of the people around me were rooting for the Patriots. :)
So. I mentioned earlier that we spent a lot of money. Boy, did we. First, I ordered my seeds. Hurray! I got so many that Shane asked, "Umm, is our garden big enough for all of that?" I'll make it big enough. And as soon as I get the seeds, I can start some of the plants at work. There's enough light now, and the temperature doesn't matter because they'll be inside. So I'm very excited. The total was only $55 with shipping, which I'm considering as being quite nice for organic, heirloom seeds.
The real money spent comes in with everything else. You know how sometimes it feels like you run out of everything all at once? This was one of those times. Besides our regular foodstuffs, we also ran out of both wet and dry dog food, wet cat food, and flour. I buy flour in 50lb sacks and we ran out. So not only did I have to buy all of this at once, but the price of each has gone up a bit too. Not too much for any one item (a case of canned dog food went from $27 to $30, dry food from $55 to $60) but taken all together it was a lot more expensive. So I spent $205 at the feed store alone. That was painful.
Then at the regular grocery store, almost everything I bought was produce. But we've been out of a lot of it for a while so I figured I'd stock up. I bought 17 apples, 9 large sweet potatoes, 3 bags of frozen fruit, a bunch of dried cherries, a cabbage, a red pepper, some celery, broccoli...and spent $100 there.
Finally, I've been out of tea at home for weeks now. I mean, I've got some tea, but it's the kind of tea I keep in case guests don't want caffeinated tea, or if they just don't care for black tea. White tea is not my favorite, and I'll drink green or herbal tea once in a while, but they're also not as good as black tea. A nice strong cup of black tea makes everything seem better. So I went to Sipping Streams to refill my jars and spent $30 there. And then I nearly had a panic attack when I added it all up in my head. $335 for foodstuffs. Holy. Crap.
The truck is almost out of gas, but I didn't bother to gas it up. We don't drive enough that I think we can put it off until next week. Or at least until I recover a little bit from the glut of money spent this weekend. When I came home and put all the groceries and such away I found out...we're also out of toilet paper. We have enough of a roll to put it off until next week, too, so that's what I'm doing.
And really, most of this stuff will last us a long time. We're not totally out of the last of the bags of dog food or flour, so I could have put it off until next week. But I wanted to get eggs and milk from the feed store anyway so I figured, why push it off? It's a little out of my way, so if I can make only one trip instead of two it's worth it. We have about two weeks' worth of food, I think, so hopefully this week we won't have to go shopping at all. Or next week, for that matter. I don't think I could face it.

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