Monday, February 13, 2012


My seeds arrived! I'm so excited, can you tell? In fact, I already planted a few (basil) in another milk jug pot. When starting seeds, it's good to keep them warm. Some people put them on top of the fridge for that purpose. I think that the milk jug will be easier, though. I placed it in a spot on the table that gets plenty of sunlight, made certain it had enough water, and put the top back over it to get a little greenhouse effect going.
One project today is to start some of my seeds at work. I ripped out my old tomato plants a couple of weeks ago after they stopped producing. So into those pots I'm going to plant two peas and one bean plant (these plants will use different nutrients from the soil--plus, they fix nitrogen into it so the soil will be better for tomatoes or something next year). Of course, I want to get more large pots to plant more things in. And I need more tomato cages. But the Botanical Gardens are going to be taking their plants back in the next week or two so I'll have plenty of space.
The only seeds or starts left that I wanted to get were some strawberries and some sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are like regular potatoes because they don't actually have seeds, you need a little part of the root itself to start them. And I don't really trust the ones from the grocery store. (They're usually treated so that they don't sprout, so it would be hard to grow from them.) Strawberries take a year before they start producing, so it's best to buy small plants rather than seeds. We'll see what my budget says about how many I can get. I'm trying not to go over a total budget of $100 in materials for my garden this year and I still need to buy more dirt for planting. If I can find some large pots to upcycle as tomato planters, that would be awesome. Anyone have great ideas for free/recycled things to use as planters or cages?

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