Monday, February 20, 2012

Serious weekending--Weekly total

Whew! We've had a busier weekend than any in a long time. Three separate events on Saturday night alone which we were invited to (I chose two, Shane chose one, and we left the other out entirely because it was going on all weekend so there were other events to go to) with many friends driving or flying up from Anchorage for the different things. I won't go into details about everything (how do you describe all of it?) but it was fun. Usually Sundays are my day to relax, get housework done, and generally gear up for the week. Not yesterday. I started the day by making a big breakfast for five guys, over to play games. (Zucchini pancakes for the win!) We actually went out to dinner, a send-off for a friend who ended up missing his flight back to Anchorage. And I was almost late for my first rehearsal for "The Music Man".
Next weekend won't be any easier, and all I can tell myself is that this is only a taste of the business that summer will bring so I'd better get used to it. It's almost a good thing that our winter is so drawn-out at the end, because I end up needing all of that time to get ready!
For this week's total: I don't have one. I'm guessing about $100, but I honestly don't know. Shane won't tell me how much he spent on the stuff for Valentine's Day, so I'm guessing based on what he bought and what I spent. Totally worth it. Most of my amount was toiletries, rather than food, but it was still a big month for spending money. And the next one will probably be just as big, with our birthdays coming up.
One final happiness, however: basil sprouts!

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