Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Plant happiness

Yesterday I said that my basil was starting to sprout. Today it's my bean and peas! If all goes well, I will have some lovely, fresh, homegrown produce before summer arrives. However, I'm still looking for more ideas for big planters so that I can start tomatoes and some more bean/pea plants.
I need to be more on the ball, and make some more milk jug planters for my indoor herb garden. However, I did get one of those plastic bag baskets made (I'll post a picture later), and a hook put in the ceiling to hang it from. I'm going to make a second one to hang down from the first basket as a sort of lower level. I've got the "plarn" all set to go, but haven't had time to actually sit down and work on it.
Even the Christmas cactus and the amaryllis at work are getting into the act--both are all set to bloom again. Since last year was the first year for the Christmas cactus to bloom, I'm quite pleased that it's put out more than one flower this year. As for the amaryllis, I'm just hoping that it blooms before the Botanical Gardens ask for their plants back. (Also, how fitting is it that the amaryllis is about to bloom just as I'm starting rehearsals for "The Music Man"? If you don't know why that's fitting, go rent or borrow the movie.)
Bliss is when a plan comes together. When I told Shane the rest of my grand plans (like borrowing a stud finder so that I can put more hooks in the ceiling) he said, "But I don't want to live in a conservatory! Don't you have enough plants?" I told him to deal with it, it's just the one room (the dining room) and he doesn't spend much time in there anyway. :)

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