Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Put a little Blaine in it!"

They didn't get a moose. Oh well. We still have some moose meat in the freezer, so hopefully we won't run out by next hunting season.
And Shane is home! I called around 6:00 to see when he'd be home, and he said at least two hours. I bugged him to see if he was bringing home pizza from The Moose's Tooth (great pizza, and he and James were talking about stopping there for weeks before this trip). He wouldn't give me a straight answer, so I figured he was and I just had a piece of toast instead of dinner. Then, from about 8:00 onwards, I kept running to the window whenever a big truck drove onto our street. That animals knew that something was up and were very on edge. The kitten finally camped out on the table by the window, whereas Pepper jumped up every time I did to run to the window. Shane had warned me that they might end up going straight to our volleyball game, so his return was actually a surprise to me. I'd given up and gone to get changed when I heard the door open. Of course I ran out and tackled him. It even took a few minutes for him to give me my dinner--not pizza, something better. A Jersey Sub. Yum. I had just enough time to eat half of it and for us to catch up really quickly before we raced off to volleyball. Where we lost both games. But we scored in the double digits both games, and that's certainly a plus for our team. We're so bad, and it's so funny.
It was sleeting today while I was at work. And they still haven't turned on the heat in my building because of the renovations. My boss called and they said Friday. Friday! The weather report calls for sleet and snow all week and they want to wait until friggin' Friday to heat the building that was cold when it was 90 degrees outside this summer? Grr! We've been freezing.
We've been working on cleaning up some of the cataloging stuff, which confused Shane when I tried to explain all of it and would probably be boring to read about. But the short of it is, we've actually had some work to do so it's not so boring. This afternoon actually passed pretty quickly, so I was pleased.
None of the snow has stuck yet, but I'm thinking that tomorrow I should start trying to catch the bus. The biggest problem is, I don't actually know where the bus stop on my road is. I should look that up, but last time I tried the website wasn't really clear. Oh well. Trial and error it is.

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