Thursday, September 17, 2009

"You shat on my music!"

Lucy and I kicked off our Weekend Without Boys (they're off moose hunting until Monday) tonight by watching "27 Dresses". And loving it. What else we have planned for the weekend: tomorrow night I'm cheating by playing softball with guys; Saturday we're going for a bike ride (since we still can) and then watching girl movies the rest of the day; Sunday we're making plum jam, pies with Hannah, and probably watching more movies. Oh, and at some point this weekend I want to harvest my potatoes.
Lucy also found out two days ago that she can officially work in the U.S. again. Yay! She's looked so much happier. And she doesn't even have to job hunt, because the guy who owned the coffee shop she worked at told her that he'd keep a place for her. So as soon as they can work her into the schedule she'll be going to work.
I am hating work lately. It's boring, and I feel like I'm wasting my time. Part of it is because the people before me and Katherine apparently did NOTHING (literally, I've been told that several of them did nothing but watch T.V. shows online) and part of it is because of budget cuts, so we don't have as many journals to check in or as many books to add to the collection. *sigh* At least it's given me time to catch up on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Even that couldn't keep me entertained, although they were very funny.
And the animals, or at least one of them, have/has started pooing on things. It's hard to tell which one. I actually think it might be Zap because a) Pepper has started ringing the bells to be let out, b) there's not much poo in the litter box and c) after I discovered poo on my music tonight, Zap tried to scratch the carpet to cover it up. I'm really not happy about this development.

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