Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Don't stop believin', hold on to that feelin'."

The most bizarre incident happened to me on Thursday night. Shane and I went to the Pub on campus the other night They had a wine tasting hosted by our upstairs neighbor, which friends were going to, so we hung out. Bruce, the neighbor, is an alcohol distributor and is allergic to alcohol (yeah, he knows how odd that is) and he's the one who gives us free beer and such, which Shane took to softball all summer and I've been using to make beer bread. Anyway, it was very informative and fun, and afterward we decided to stay until it was time to go to Shane's broomball game. Toward the end of the evening, I had to pee and went to the bathroom. Now, I've pretty much stopped carrying a purse except for special occasions because I hate keeping track of it. So I carry my important cards in my back pocket. Well, apparently the pockets on my pants were too small, because when I pulled them up, the cards fell into the toilet. I was standing there, staring at it and rapidly trying to think of what to do. Obviously, sticking my hand into a public toilet full of my urine was my last choice. I was wondering if the Pub staff would have something I could fish them out with when the toilet took even that option away from me by auto-flushing. I saw my life literally go down the toilet. My credit and debit cards, my driver's license, and my University ID. I panicked and ran out of the bathroom, which happens to be right next to the front door where two Pub girls were checking ID's. I quickly explained and asked, "What do I do?!" One of them told me, "Oh, gosh, honey, there's nothing we can do. They're gone." So I ran back into the bathroom to see if any had floated back out. Nothing. In a total daze, I went back to our table and told Shane, "You'll never guess what just happened to me." He, of course, started laughing as soon as I told him. "You'll be able to laugh about this soon, too. I'm sorry. That really does suck." So I had to call and cancel my credit and debit cards when we got home, just in case they show up and someone's desperate enough to grab them. (Hey, it's a University.) How do these things happen to me?
Luckily, the only one that will be kind of a pain to replace is my driver's license, because my car still isn't running so I'm not sure how I'll get over there to replace it.
I tried starting my car today and it made a weird thumping noise, which can't be good, and when I got out there was a slight burning smell. I'm not pleased. When I called my dad he said, "Wow, you just have the worst luck with cars." Thanks, Dad.
I started watching the show "Glee", which is fantastic. I loved it from the first moment they played Journey.
Other than this, there hasn't been much going on. Work is still boring, although my boss has finally been able to start buying some books so it will pick up just a little bit soon. Our book budget is only $15,000 which sounds like a lot, but really isn't in terms of textbooks. One set of three reference books she was hoping to get the newest edition of costs almost $1300. So not going to happen. Poor Anne has been second-guessing all of her book choices, wanting to be sure they're the right and most useful books for our library. I don't envy her that job.

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