Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Shop around all you want, you'll never find a better penis than this one."

"We saw a play about pedophilia on our date." That was my comment when we came out of the theater, and it was perfectly true. Shane laughed. It was a good play, don't get me wrong. It was called "How I Learned to Drive", about a girl and her (unrelated) uncle, who starts molesting her when she's eleven. She's looking back in time and talking about it, with little scenes about what actually happened. Some of it was a little disturbing to watch, not because they did so much but because of what it was supposed to represent. Two of my friends were doing important behind-the-scenes roles: Fiona (Fiona!!) was doing the stage managing and Adam did the sets. So we went in part to support them. Then we went to an early dinner at (where else?) Pad Thai. I actually got something that wasn't curry. I think Shane was shocked. This is only the second time in nearly three years that we've gone there and I've gotten something other than curry. Oh, and the usual waiter wasn't there. We clearly don't go there enough anymore because the lady today was new and didn't realize that we know what we're doing. (She admonished us to really stir the tea, or it would be too sweet. I was already stirring it.) Or what we usually order. (The other lady comes out, sees us, and says, "Oh, hi! Same thing?")
It's been a good weekend, though. Yesterday we went to James' parents' house because they're out of town, and also have a sauna and hot tub. James and his sister (and Lucy, of course) had invited people over to enjoy a spa evening and for dinner. So relaxing, and just what everyone needed, I think. So many of us have been sick (I took 1 1/2 sick days this past week) that it felt amazing. Not quite as good as when it's -30, like it was last time we did this, but still great. And being under freezing, it was cool enough that coming out of the sauna, people would stand and stare at the stars for ten or so minutes, cooling off. Did I mention that his parents live waaaay out there? The Northern Lights didn't pop out until we were leaving, but they did make an appearance and I got to admire them in the car. Anyway, we jumped in the sauna after Ruth and her friends, then outside, then back in the sauna, and then into the hot tub. (Is that one word or two?) I was so relaxed that I let my legs float because it just seemed like too much effort to keep them down. And for a little bit, I used Shane's legs as an anchor. It was great. After one more excursion into the sauna, we were done for and went inside to chat. One of Ruth's friends brought over ready-to-eat cheesecake filling, graham crackers and cherry topping. That actually makes an amazing little dessert, to just smear the cheesecake stuff on the crackers and put a couple cherries on top. I had two graham halves, then looked at the nutrition label on the tub of cheesecake to stop myself from eating any more. (12 grams of fat per serving!) Such a good evening.
As I write, my kitty is dedicatedly knocking everything off my desk that he can touch his little paws to. Tonight he's finally given up on being good and has once again decided to see what he can get away with.
Also, my dog is getting horrendously fat. I know it's my fault (until yesterday, it had been a week since she last got a walk), but it's getting harder to walk her so much. Not only is it colder (not too cold, but since she got a haircut two weeks ago, I'm concerned it might be cold for her) but the sun is setting early now. Which makes walking during the week problematic. I have to go right after work or we miss our chance. I thought moving into a neighborhood would make it easier, but there are no streetlights. I know it's a good neighborhood, but I still don't trust it. There could be moose out there! And then there are the stories, like one from this summer, about a guy in Soldotna who went on a walk with his dogs and had to kill a charging bear with a .45 pistol he just happened to be carrying.... But we got two good romps around the University field in this weekend. I love being able to let go of the leash and knowing that she'll come to me when I call.
Ok, I have to go start laundry. My gym clothes stink. I can't decide if that's truly a bad thing, because it means I've been working out a lot. Or that I need more gym clothes, so that I don't have to keep wearing the same ones over and over.

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