Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Date night and "Sunday" Total

We had a date! This is the first time we've had a real date since getting back from our honeymoon. (We went out to dinner once during "Annie", but we ended up arguing about something stupid because we were both tired, so I don't count that.) I got all dolled up, actually going so far as to put on makeup. Shane looked fancier than I did, though. He put on a really nice button down shirt and slacks. I should have worn a dress, but it was just too cold. I knew I'd be freezing throughout dinner if I did that, and wouldn't enjoy it very much. So I wore my corduroy pants and a lovely shirt. Since I knew the restaurant tends to be on the cold side (most of them are here, in the winter) I wore long underwear under my pants and had to laugh at myself every once in a while. No one else could tell I had them on, but they kept me nice and warm! I wonder how many other people secretly had longjohns on?
We went to one of our favorite restaurants in the area: Silver Gulch. It was wonderful! I had one of their burgers, which I've never tried before. I usually get the pizza, but I wanted to branch out so I got the Stout BBQ burger. It was so good. Mmmm! I have a few of the leftover Cajun spiced fries to eat with my lunch today.
The only reason this was really possible, too, was because we have a gift certificate. One of our friends gave it to us as a wedding gift. Now I can write her a thank-you note and tell her how much fun we had using it!
This doubled as an errand, since we had a couple of kegs leftover from the wedding which needed to be returned. Since they're out in Fox (about a 20 minute drive from our house) neither of us wanted to go so far just to deliver the kegs, especially in winter. This was perfect. Well, Shane didn't appreciate the sometimes screaming kid at the next table (the poor guy was just bored and trying to get attention) but I had an unadulterated good time.
As for the totals, I missed again! Oh well. At least I'm still posting my totals and keeping myself accountable. Our grocery total for the week was about $75. I have to say, keeping track of our winter grocery bills is much more satisfying than the summer. During the summer, some weeks I'd be spending over $150 each week. But now I'm seeing just how much of that was for food that we put away and are now using.
I looked in our refrigerator freezer yesterday and was sad about how little was left in it. It's only November and we've gone through so much of our stored food already! I wonder how long it will all last? To be honest, I didn't expect the blueberries to last this long but we still have one and a half gallon-sized storage bags full. Not bad. (But I still want to get more next year!)
One final mental picture: when I woke up yesterday morning the dog was between us, butt next to the pillow, head under the covers, snoring away. I wish I'd had a video camera for that!

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