Thursday, November 10, 2011


Just really quick, I wanted to share a couple of things. The first is this article about air pollution in Fairbanks. How to solve our problem is a really fraught question around here. Because of where we are and our climate, none of the renewable technology that's currently hot is a viable option here. We don't get enough sun when we need the most energy, we have very little wind, and we're not near coastlines. The only thing I've heard of which might work here are Bloom Boxes. I've also heard of clean wood burning technologies, but for just the University to switch to that, by one estimate they'd have to have 150,000 acres of forest. (Our trees grow very slowly.) Plus, the effort to cut down all of those trees and transport them to the power plant would wipe out pretty much any environmental benefit.
So for now, we're stuck with coal. The University power plant needs to be redone soon (it's approaching or has surpassed, I can't remember which, it's viable, useful lifespan) so maybe with the EPA's help we could come up with something better?
I also found this article about some food rules which Michael Pollan has added to his list. If you haven't read his books ("The Omnivore's Dilemma", "Food Rules", "In Defense of Food", "The Botany of Desire" are the ones I've read) he's a fantastic author and really good about getting to the heart of an issue. They're also very well researched and supported.
Today Shane and I are making chili in our new-to-us Crockpot and I'll be using the two last peppers from my plant. I hope they aren't really the last peppers! I've only gotten four. But that's also been four peppers we didn't buy at the store, and I know when and what meals we used them for. I'm very proud of my little pepper plant.
This is also my first ever use of dried beans (from Alaska Feed Co.) so wish me luck! I had them soaking overnight, so hopefully all will be well.

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