Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The past couple of weeks have been big in the home hair-cutting department. I kicked it off two weeks ago by cutting my hair. I hadn't had a haircut since last Christmas (partly to grow out my hair for the wedding) and I was sick of how ragged it was looking and feeling. I just wanted something chin-length again, but didn't want to pay around $50-60 to get it done. (I realize there are cheaper options, but the last time I got a "discount" haircut I hated it. It was the worst haircut I've ever had.) So I took out our kitchen shears and did it myself. Of course, this involved lots of running back to the bedroom to ask Shane, "Is it straight in back?" And over the next few days I had to trim ends which somehow had been missed. But it's not bad. I even managed to get in a tiny bit of layering by parting my hair in different ways. Not bad for only the second time I've ever cut my hair. I even got a few compliments on it the next day.
One of the "chores" which Spencer and his girlfriend wanted to take care of over Thanksgiving weekend was shaving my in-laws' dog. This got us into a discussion of why Shane and I still take Pepper to the groomers and I pointed out that I cut my own hair, but pay for the dog to get a professional haircut. Spencer answered, "Yeah, but there are so many things I'd buy for my dog if I had one that I wouldn't buy for myself." I said, "Like squeaky toys?" and got a laugh out of him.
So Ranger was the next to get a home haircut and he looked much better for it. Although, he was quite a bit front-heavy. He had double knee surgery just over a month ago for "wandering kneecaps" (he's young, or the vet wouldn't have done it--it's a quality of life issue) so his back legs are still sore and the muscles have atrophied. (He's getting much better, and we gave him plenty of gentle exercise over the weekend.) Combine that with the fact that he won't let the clippers near his head, so he ended up looking a bit like a lion, and it was funny in a sad way. (He's a cavalier King Charles spaniel, by the way.)
Since the clippers were out, and Shane hadn't visited the only hairdresser he'll consent to see, he was up next and we just shaved his hair short. It doesn't look great on him at this length but it will grow fast. I really hope that it has a chance to grow out before he goes for an interview!
Finally, Spencer decided that his hair was getting "out of control" (at less than 2 inches long) so his girlfriend cut his hair.We kept teasing my little brother that he was next, but the boy insisted that his hair helps keep him warm. He tends to shave his head three times per year--once at the beginning of each semester, and once at the beginning of summer. It doesn't look the greatest on him, but I don't think he really cares about that. And when it grows out it does look quite nice.
You might wonder what to do with all of the hair after a home haircut, but the answer is simple: compost. It can all go into a home compost pile just fine, as can nail clippings. All of the hair that got cut in Soldotna went into the garbage, since my in-laws don't have a compost pile right now. But all of my hair went out to my compost after I showed the pile to Shane (I cut off about six-seven inches) and asked, "Want to make a wig?" I got a very definite "Ew!" response. It was also neat to actually see my hair and all the different colors in it. Since I only have a limited view of my hair, I tend to think of it as being all one color--dirt brown--but it's not. I actually think I like my hair better now for having seen it differently, and I don't mean the haircut.

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