Thursday, November 17, 2011

What next?

Yesterday, I mentioned that the heat was out because the hot water was getting fixed. Our apartment got down to 55(F) before it was turned back on. I saw it as an excuse to make cookies, and even took a couple of them out to the guys working on the boiler/water heater. And in the end, it was so worth it. I took a shower last night (after working out hard to warm up) and there was actual water pressure! I'd forgotten how nice our shower is when the water's coming out at more than a trickle.
This morning, the cat decided that he was going to get our attention and he doesn't care if it's through fair means or foul. So he started knocking things off the bedside table so I'd wake up and feed him. (He had food in his bowl, it just wasn't the good food. He prefers wet food, which he gets for breakfast and dinner.) Anyway, that led to the realization that the power was out. Which means the heat is out again. It hadn't been off for very long at that point (maybe ten minutes?) because it was still 70(F) in our apartment. By the time I left half an hour later, though, it had fallen to about 65. It's currently -38(F) outside. I wonder how cold it will get in there before the power comes back? At least yesterday we could use the electric blanket. Poor Shane doesn't even have that option today. I get the better bargain because I got to go to work, where there's heat and light. On the other hand, if no one was going to be home today I probably would have taken the day off work to make sure the pets were all right. The poor dog might have shivered to death without someone there to keep her warm.
There's nothing much on the news site about the power outage, just this. The intersections they mention? I took a flashlight so I'd be noticed and less likely to be run over when I had to cross the street. It made me very, very nervous though.
So now I'm wondering, what's next? What does Fairbanks have in store for us now? I can take it.
On a more lighthearted note (if global warming issues can ever be described as "lighthearted") here's an article about the upside of rising oil prices. And here you thought it was all bad.
Here's another article about the UAF honors kids and their yearly project to raise awareness of homelessness in Alaska. According to one of their signs, there are 4583 homeless people in Alaska. For the size of our state, and our population, that's not too bad. But for where we are? That's horrible! I complain about the electricity being out, or the heat, but what do the homeless people do when it's -40? Once again, I'm feeling so incredibly lucky.
Also, please note that in the article about homelessness it says that temps are expected to "warm up to 30 below Thursday night". :)

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