Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wasting food?

I didn't realize this, but apparently most people don't actually eat the food in their freezers. Unless it's a pre-cooked, microwavable "meal" that is. How bizarre to suddenly realize that my entire family has this freakish habit of actually eating the food we buy and store. I admit, it takes me and Shane a good long while to get through our supply of salmon and halibut. (I haven't seen the bottom of the chest freezer since we got it, really.) But we make quite a few inroads before the next summer comes around and we get more fish. (Thanks, Spencer and John!) And no, things don't always last. Sometimes the vacuum seal breaks or something just gets freezer burned. But instead of throwing that away, we cook it up for the dog. She loves it when we clean out the freezer, by the way. Anyone surprised? Because if you are, then clearly I need to post a picture of her. I'll give you a hint: she's not a skinny dog.
Anyway, it really surprises me that people end up buying and throwing away so much food that's perfectly good! People who claim to be frugal have mentioned on other sites that their freezer is more like "the pit-stop food makes on its way to the garbage." !!! I'm sorry, but that is neither a frugal nor an environmental practice. If you're never going to eat frozen foods, or rarely, get a small dorm-style refrigerator so that you're not tempted to buy more than you'll really eat! You'll also save electricity and your home energy bills. Ta-da!
I find solutions because I'm awesome.
We're still doing really well about eating from our pantry and freezer, although this week we've actually bought some meat. (Chicken, sausage, and pepperoni.) Next week we'll eat more fish, but we needed a break from it. And we do have moose sausage, but we're saving our last pack for a different meal later this week.
Just because I needed to brag, here's a picture I took when walking home yesterday:
Fairbanks looks awesome blanketed in ice fog. It was thin yesterday, and the camera wasn't able to capture how it made the air glitter, but it's still quite pretty.

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