Thursday, December 1, 2011

Apparently, Marie Calendar's and I have different definitions...

of "homemade". I was watching some awful Christmas movie on Hulu earlier (don't ask) and there kept coming up a commercial for Marie Calendar's pie. I couldn't find it on Youtube, but I'm sure watching some smarmy movie on Hulu is a quick way to see it. Anyway, they claim that eating their "homemade" (or was it "home baked"?) pie is an amazing "tradition" for the holidays. Ummm, where are they getting their definition of homemade? Since when is a factory "home"? And even if they went for "home baked" rather than homemade, buying something frozen and then putting it in the oven doesn't make it a home product and it's pathetic for advertisers to try making it seem like it is. I don't load my homemade pies with preservatives. Do you? Marie Calendar's should be ashamed, and I'm so glad I never buy stuff from them.
I'm certain that there's never really been such a thing as "truth in advertising", but this Christmas the advertisers seem to be hitting new lows. Also, it reminded me why I hate watching Hulu.

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