Monday, December 5, 2011, Monday Total

Honestly, I just didn't feel like doing a weekly tally yesterday. I tried, but blogger bugged out and since I was in a bad mood (the stupid dog is eating anything that's not nailed down, including my food when I'm silly enough to leave it within her reach for all of one second) I decided that I'd forget about it for the time being. And immerse myself in Christmas-y glory. It was the holiday concert yesterday (fun!) and we put up our little (fake) tree. In addition, during the evening I turned on "The Muppet Christmas Carol" and made gingerbread. Well, what was left of it after I ate roughly a pound of dough. I made two pans of it, and unfortunately one of them is burnt. I was going to send that along with Shane to visit a professor (who I know loves gingerbread) but I'll have to make a new one. I'm sure we'll find some way to use up the gingerbread. It's too tasty to waste, even when it's burned! (Also, expensive! My recipe calls for 1 cup of molasses for each batch. Two batches nearly killed my jar.)
I mentioned to Shane last night that it would be fun to have my brother over for dinner, since we haven't invited him over recently. Shane said, "You just want to watch 'The Grinch' with him, don't you?" MIND READER! When I just sat laughing silently Shane added, "Yeah, that's right. I can read you like a book."
So our total for last week is pretty impressive: about $40. We didn't have to buy any fruit, since my MIL bought us two boxes of mandarin oranges (they're $10/box around here, and only $5.60/box on the peninsula) and we had plenty of meat, some previously purchased and frozen veggies, etc. The only stuff we bought were things like coffee, milk and butter.
This week will not be so good, since we're now almost out of food in the house. At least, food to make a meal out of. I'm not going to eat plain lasagna noodles or frozen and shredded zucchini.
The winter storm that was supposed to ravage the interior actually isn't so bad. At least, for me. It got up to about 40 above yesterday (meaning 80 degrees warmer than it was two weeks ago) due to the Chinook winds so everything started melting and it's made the roads just awful. At the concert yesterday, I heard one family saying that they'd brought overnight bags in case they couldn't make it back out to their house for the night. The district cancelled school for today so that families don't have to brave the iciness, but the university is still open. I'm of two minds about this. I was perfectly able to get to work today (unlike the ice storm last Thanksgiving, when it was dangerous and difficult for me to walk), but most people don't walk, they drive. And there's no denying that the icy roads are dangerous. Even the walking made me thankful that I'm young, since I slipped (and caught myself) a few times--I'm not worried about breaking bones, but I know that's a serious danger for older people. Even walking to and from their vehicles can be dangerous on the ice. So in that regard, I disagree with the chancellor and think the university should be closed. But I also know some students are thankful that it's open because they have campus jobs and need the money. I shouldn't be selfish and hope for campus to close because I want an extra day off. (If campus closes due to the weather, staff and faculty would get paid administrative leave. Student workers wouldn't, I don't think.)
It's cooled down again, now. Not super cold, but the wind is still blowing (and not the lovely Chinook wind, which feels warmer than the rest of the air when it's blowing) and it was a chilly walk this morning. I ended up wrapping my scarf around my head like an old woman to keep my ears warm. I'm pretty sure I looked ridiculous.
Waking up at 6:45 after sleeping in until 11:00 the day before is just miserable. Not because I couldn't get to sleep last night, but because I hate waking up in the dark. At nearly 11:00 right now it's still plenty dark outside, and yesterday I decided that I wanted to have at least one day of the week when I didn't wake up until it was daylight. The cloud cover sort of ruined my dream of waking up to sunshine. Sun, please come back!

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