Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gingerbread house party and caroling

This has nothing to do with sustainability, it was just fun.
We went caroling around campus last night, for the third year. So much fun! It's funny every year, weather-wise. Last year it was -30 so we were all bundled up and toward the end our lips were going numb from the cold so it was hard to sing. This year it was fairly warm (I didn't even bring my winter coat, just wore a thermal shirt and my fleece) but it was snowing like crazy. I brought the dog along (bundled up in her coat and booties) and she barked at people when they opened their doors to us. It was funny, like she was trying to sing along. And since this was her first walk in several weeks, she had a blast.
We went through the family housing first, where we knocked on a few doors with wreathes and Christmas lights, then over to the student apartments. Most of us know people who live there so we knocked on quite a few doors. There was always a flurry of, "What song are we singing? Oh. Wait, what page is that on?!" at every door. But we made a lot of people laugh and smile. People in surrounding apartments would frequently stick their heads out of doors and windows to see what was going on. We made our way down to my brother-in-law's apartment where we did a very silly version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas". We alternately sang it very fast or very slow (EG, the music teacher, directed us for the slow parts) and for the very last verse we got down to "two turtle doves" and when we paused Big D said, "Let's just go." So we left it hanging. When I saw Spencer later, he and M had thought that we planned it but we didn't.
The final caroling of the evening was actually to some foreign exchange students. They seemed so utterly charmed by the fact that there were real, actual carolers. One girl was even Skyping with her parents in Russia so she brought the laptop outside so that they could see and hear us. How fun is that? They gave us some candy as thanks for "the show".
After running home to change (I was so wet from the snow!), Spencer and M came to pick us up and we all went to AG and EG's place for the gingerbread party. They'd made a bunch of yummy chicken chili for everyone to eat and warm up with, so we stood around eating and talking and laughing for a while and people wrote down themes for the hat. The ones I put in were "Little Women" (because it's a Christmas story and I'm reading it right now) and "shark attack".
For the rest, well, I think the pictures will speak for themselves. Just as a warning, most of the themes were not at all classy or PC.
"Dr. Seuss's Vacation Home"
"The Cantwell Chevron Station". It burned down recently. That team took third place
"Victoria's Secret show for the impoverished". They took the award for "ugliest".
"Hippie Church". They got second place.
"Hipster house" with a greenhouse roof, solar panels on the other side, and a recycled materials chimney.
"Gingerbread Meth House".
This was ours. We won first place for our rendering of "The Farmer's Loop Transfer Station". We even put in John the Baptist, the homeless man who hangs out down there with shopping carts full of cardboard.

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