Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's coming!

It's been snowing off and on for the better part of four days now. What little daylight we get at this time of year has been completely obscured by the clouds, and it's never actually been light. Just less dark.
It would be so depressing if I hadn't been keeping busy with lots of fun things! Monday night the boy came over to help me make cookies. We made three batches of cookies and one of gingerbread while watching "Home Alone". That kid gets funnier all the time! (And by "kid", I do mean my 23-year-old brother.)
I've almost finished reading "Little Women", which is just as good now as the first time I read it. Don't you love books like that?
And of course, Christmas is coming up! Drew told us last night at Pub Trivia that for our Christmas present, he's giving us a date to Pad Thai. He knows me so well! It's been months and months since we've been there, and I've been craving Thai food. But it's expensive, so I figured the next time we'd work it into our budget wouldn't be until February. Now we don't have to budget it out. :) And I didn't even have to tell him "I don't want Stuff as a gift."
I finally started working on those socks I've been wanting to knit while we were at Trivia last night. A couple of friends we haven't seen for a while came by and they laughed at me for it, but when that didn't dampen my excitement for the project ("Yeah, socks! I've been wanting to try this for so long!") they acquiesced. And then we (surprisingly) took third place, because we kicked butt at the "name this holiday song and the artist who sings it" category. I'm still kicking myself for forgetting that a particular duet was sung by Bing Crosby and David Bowie. (I got Crosby right, so half the points. I have it stuck in my head.) We got most of the rest correct, though. I do know my Christmas music.
On the ListenAlaska website I looked up tons of books to check out and read on my new Nook. So excited! I probably won't get around to them until we leave for the break, however, because I have a couple of loaner books from friends which I want to finish first.
Shane and I agreed to try not going grocery shopping again until after the new year starts. It should be fairly easy, since we've stocked up and we'll be leaving for Soldotna next Friday (or maybe Thursday night). Shane was worried that we wouldn't have enough fruits and veggies, but I pointed out all of what we'd bought (we now have potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, oranges, apples, a pear, lettuce, spinach, and cabbage--that's just the fresh stuff) and that reassured him. At the very worst, we have plenty of fruits and veggies in the freezer to see us through. And this will once again force us to stop relying on the grocery store so much. We have more food than we need in our house.
It's chillier today than it's been the past few days. Unfortunately, I didn't put on my longjohns today because I was too warm yesterday. And then my legs were cold on my walk to work. When will I learn my lesson not to judge the weather by what it did yesterday? It's so changeable around here!

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