Friday, June 3, 2011


Crashed my bike last night. No serious injuries. Just scrapes, bruises, and wounded pride. (Lesson learned: never bike along Cushman. Honestly, the worst sidewalks I've ever seen! And that's saying a lot, since I bike along University....) I was more concerned for my bike than for myself. The chain came off, and I got angry trying to put it back on. (If you saw a woman swearing and working on a bike downtown last night, that was me!) On the plus side, I did get to miss pretty much the entire meeting that I was going to. Our place is eligible through a state program to be weatherized, and I don't know why but it had to be the people living in it and not the landlord who had to go to this meeting about "what will happen?" Boring, but I missed most of it and still got credit for being there. (Not only was I late, but I explained to one of the people running it what had happened, so I spent the rest of it in the bathroom trying to clean myself up. Mostly grease from the chain.)
This morning, I re-potted the tomato plants I have at work. So far, about seven tomatoes are roughly the size of marbles. Maybe a little bigger. I'll share whatever bounty that comes from them with my coworkers. My hope is that the plants will love living in here, and keep producing until it starts to get really dark.
The second crash we've had lately was because one of my work plants tried to commit suicide yesterday. (Herbicide?) Over my computer I saw something fall off the reference shelves, and when I realized what it was I went running. The poor thing mangled its top, but it will live. (I'm sorry, I don't know what type of plant it is. Something with a thick stem and big leaves.) It just got too top-heavy, so now I'm going to try to train it down where it can snake over the top of the bookshelf. Since I propagated this and one other plant from a much larger one at the other library which snakes over a microfiche shelving unit, I know it will work.
Poor plant. I hope it heals as quickly as my scrapes and bruises will.

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