Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just a quick note

Still busy! I just wanted to let you know about some fantastic gardening resources I've found. First of all, it all stems from the site Life on the Balcony, and her post about how to turn a pallet into a garden. Fantastic idea! I might go scrounge a few of those up sometime, and plant more herbs....
Anyway, when looking through some of her other posts I found out about Woolly Pocket and their neat (recycled!) pots. The only downsides to those that I can find are 1)they're kind of pricey and 2)I don't like the securing mechanism for the wall version on Woolly Pocket (the Wally, haha). I've been thinking that, for work, it would be totally feasible to hang a few plants over the railings on the upper floors. We get lots of patrons commenting on how nice it is to have all the plants around. And they'd be easy enough to water from there. But there would probably be lots and lots of bureaucratic red tape (and consequential headaches) to get the approval to actually screw something into the railings. If they had a Wally version with hooks...well, that would be a whole different story. And Life on the Balcony does have a post about gardening at work.... I'm suddenly thinking that my three tomato plants aren't enough food growing at work. (I got two more cherry tomatoes today!)
Anyway, the last resource is for Smart Pots. They're much cheaper than the pots at Woolly Pocket, and from what I can find they do seem to work better than regular pots, while having a competitive price. Maybe I should order a few? The only downside to them is that they're porous, so just as with my plastic pots I'd have to have them resting in plastic water trays for when they drain. Not that that's too big of a deal, but I definitely couldn't use any of their hanging pots. I really want to find a nice hanging pot to replace the one I have at home, and plant a few more hanging plants. Still searching.
Shane and I are going to embark on a quest to cure our dog of separation anxiety before we leave for our honeymoon. Hopefully, it will sustain everyone's sanity. I'll let you know how we get on.

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