Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Idle hands are...

Idle hands are so not my problem right now. I've shaken off the last of my winter sleepiness (hibernation isn't only for bears) and I'm in full Summer Mode.
Not that the things I've accomplished sound like much when they're totaled up.
Making bread.
More dishes.
Weeding the garden.
Wedding stuff.
Cleaning out our plastic bags for re-use.

That last one had my mom sounding skeptical when I said that I do it. She said, "I tried reusing some Ziploc bags, but there were crumbs left and they got moldy...." My answer: soap and water. I rinse each of them out, squishing the soap around with just a bit of water, and then hang them over things in our kitchen so that they dry out. (Wine bottles work really well for the bigger bags, and little canning jars that I've used for jam are about the perfect size for the smaller ones.) I've never had anything in them get moldy and they get naturally weeded out of use on a regular basis (after about 3-4 uses). I don't ever reuse bags that have held raw meat, and I've only reused cheese bags a couple of times (because of the bacteria). But for bread, sandwiches, fruit, chopped veggies, etc., reusing them works really well. (And yes, I'm trying to find alternatives to putting those things in plastic.) Actually, at this point we really don't use them for much except meat, cheese, and bread products.
This is part of overhauling my sense of what's "disposable". Yes, something can be disposable, but does it have to be? My brother has, for years, shaken his head over single use products. It's a waste of resources, and it's a waste of money. Why would you ever want to buy something that's only good to be used once? I understand his point more and more.
Of course, this is also the man who said that he's only ever going to buy the shoes that have bike clips on the bottom. They're multi-tasking, and "when is it a bad thing to have the ability to clip yourself to something?"
Whew. Add to all this our ballroom dance class, coed softball, and taking care of the normal plant/animal tasks for our household, it's already starting to be a big week.

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  1. Actually, what I said was that I was only going to buy bike shoes. They cost the same as regular shoes, but you can bot things to the bottom of them. When would it not be good to have the ability to bolt stuff to the bottoms of your shoes?